Dead men and the army of frogs. Gotta love that title.

Dead Man and the Army of Frogs (Volume 2) - Lou Harper

First I have to say this can be read as a standalone I didn't read the first book in this series and it wasn't a problem at all to follow along, although now that I've read this one, I feel the urge to go back and read book 1.

Bran and Denton are navigating a lot of things in this book. It's divided in to shorter stories that are connected and flow in to each other.
Now, I have a thing for men in kilts *drools* and I have a huge thing for Gerard Butler.
This book has men in kilts...
“It looks like a skirt to me." Denton eagerly clarified the situation. "Nah, it only would be a skirt if I wore underpants.”

These two are nothing alike, but maybe that's why it works. Bran and Denton have some unresolved issues, jealousy, kilts and not to mention the army of frogs.
I enjoyed the stories, mysteries and the relationship between them. I've discovered a new series for me and I think this book has one of my favorite quotes ever in a book : “I bet Gerard Butler in a kilt is ten times sexier than Gerard Butler naked.”