Beau And The Beast

Beau And The Beast - Rick R. Reed 3.5*I love Beauty and The Beast, so when I saw this version..I jumped on it.It is a sweet take on the fairytale, Beau having been rescued by 'Beast' from a brutal attack, and brought back to his secluded house to recover. We find out very little of Beau's backstory, only that he is a talented artist living hand to mouth, Jeanne-Marie has a bit more of a history.My only real complaint was the 'love' felt so rushed, I realize that is sometimes the case with a short, and I can understand Beau's gratefulness and the Beast's generosity causing him to fall for him quickly and of course Jeanne-Marie has been starved for love and affection, but in the day or two they were together it was hard for me to feel the bond between them. I would have loved them to spend more time together and sharing more mundane tasks and see the growing friendship, or maybe Jeanne-Marie realizing his mistake a little late and having to work harder to find and get Beau back.