Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving - Heidi Champa Ok, it was a 4* read until the party. Then it went to a 1* but I'll compromise with a 2.75* It aggravated me and annoyed me, couldn't stand Cal after that, so my enjoyment went down hill.Mitch and Cal have a 'no strings attached' thing going, and of course since Mitch's job is to solicit donations from Cal for the College it's also a little sticky.Mitch develops feelings for Cal and just when he wants to make his move and change their relationship Cal dumps him.Ok...all in all it's a light, sweet and easy read.But Cal dumps Mitch over lunch, telling him he's met someone new so they can't have sex anymore..ok, that's fine. He soon sees new guy is an asshat, but does he call Mitch and try again..nope. When Mitch tries to talk to him he is brusk and impatient. Then after Mitch admits his feelings he calls Mitch's boss and asks for a different representative. Ummm..asshole much? call Mitch first damnit that made me really really mad. Call Mitch or leave a message or email. Say I'm interested in you, I'm sorry, I will need a different liaison. DO NOT CALL THE BOSS FIRST. My god, Cal owns his own company, he should KNOW how that would look, he practically got Mitch fired. Sorry, he couldn't in any way shape or form redeem himself to me after that. He didn't even try, he gets a call from Kay and I'm sure an earful and goes to see Mitch, not with he needed her to give him a kick in the rear. I don't like Cal, he's arrogant and he didn't know what he had when he was with Mitch and doesn't deserve him now. Ok, that's just me, probably over thinking things as usual. :)