Making a Little Wrong into Something Right

Making a Little Wrong into Something Right - L.L. Bucknor 3.5*Cute gif and contribution to the LHNB event.Gabriel's been dating Javier, they don't see each other all that often, since work keeps Javier on the road a lot, and honestly Gabriel isn't really feeling it.Javier lives with his cousin Mateo, now Mateo makes Gabriel's tummy do flip flops....Oh and there is the cutest little pup named Elton. Brownie points for the fluffster! :)) some people will not like the fact that, although Javier and Gabriel have really only been out on 4 dates and have only kissed, Mateo and Gabriel get together before he breaks it off with Javier.Now to be fair, Javier is out of town and they don't want to tell him on the phone and Javier and Gabriel really hadn't been 'together'. It didn't bother me and I didn't really consider it cheating. But I would have preferred that Gabriel and Mateo hold off on the physical aspect until Javier has been cut loose. It would have set better with me.