Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps - Lexi Ander Just finished. I LOVE IT! Will try and do it justice tomorrow, after I reread it again. This is exactly the story I wanted. Here are the boys Trent - AJ - Brock When I first saw the picture that inspired my prompt I really wanted someone to tell their story, and I am so glad that Lexi picked it. I think m/m/m stories are my favorite kind, but most of the stories are how the guys get together, but I know that the HEA is really just the beginning and how much harder would it be in a ménage? Trent is going to the NFL, that's always been the plan, but his asshat of a father and a jealous teammate are making his life hell and threatening what he holds most dear.No,not his career, his lovers Brock and AJ.But the ex marine and the aspiring sportscaster are not going to let Trent just make the choice for them. They are going to stand by him and show him what he has and what he'd be losing.I loved the mom, I wanted more of her, kickass women and moms are so cool and greatly underrepresented in m/m books so I am always glad when there is one.I loved the sexual tension that ran throughout the story, there was only one sex scene but that one was hot. The guys are so different, yet perfectly matched. Brock being self conscious about his body, yet his guys loving exactly that which bothers him. AJ all quiet and controlled, except when it counts. Trent growing up with that kind of dad, poor guy, but he does have an awesome mom, and being an openly gay college football player takes some major guts. I think the scene in the restaurant where Trent doesn't let go of Brock's hand was my favorite part, Brock needed that as much as the others did, if not more, and it shows that such a small gesture, one that most people take for granted, can actually be a huge thing. The pressure of always trying to keep their love quiet, always worried about the press coming after them, and all the people that feel they have the right to judge and ridicule them. All of that is shown in this story, but me being me, and because Lexi only just whet my appetite for these three guys...I need more and... guess what? Lexi said there is gonna be more.Color me happy, thrilled and over the moon. Can't wait. ETA [a:Lexi Ander|6521302|Lexi Ander|] has been teasing me with little hints and tidbits for the novel about these guys and let me tell you all I CAN'T WAIT !