Smartass - Lynn Lorenz 3.75*This is another of the wonderful LHNB stories.I was a little worried about reading this one, looking at the tags it had brat as one, and I absolutely dislike (intensely) when one MC calls the other a brat, whether it's meant affectionately or not.But I liked the prompt picture and I usually likeMs Lorenz's stories , so I went for it.Glad I did, it's a quick little story about Ricky, who obviously has some issues, considering he actually goes looking for trouble in the hopes of finding himself a real-life Hero! Well he finds one in Dirk. I'd have loved a little more background, especially on Dirk and a little more of what the future holds for these two. I'm sure Ricky is strong enough to hold his own against a force such as Dirk, and he is also good for adding a bit of excitement in Dirk's life.