El Presidio Rides North

El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Romero,  地下ロメロ,  neomeruru Ok the story goes a little like this: Mandy, you really need to read this story. It's funny and there are zombies.To which I say : oh Vio, it's like you've looked into my soul and know my deepest desires.Ok, it wasn't exactly like that, but pretty damn close, I was holding out for a post-apocalyptic zombie ménage story, but you know, I take what I can get.Mercury, yes like Freddie, and Gaga, yes like Lady, ( don't ask, if you want to know, read it yourself) are now together in this wild new world where Zombies try and eat you and you try to not get eaten.To say they are opposites, well that might be an understatement, but they work well together. I am pretty sure your enjoyment will depend on how well you like Gaga's 'voice'. He sort of narrates this story and I think he's funny, silly, ridiculous, sweet and I'm really glad he found Mercury. My only complaint would be that I wanted more..do they make it to Canada? or even better the sex shop?