The Gig

The Gig - Kim Fielding It was great to catch up and get a peek at Drew and Travis from [b:Speechless|15733541|Speechless|Kim Fielding||21415041].Drew has his first performance and is nervous but he has Travis with him, again I love how they can communicate without words. The boost in confidence in Drew is great, losing what was his creative outlet due to his illness, he now has a chance to at least recapture it in a different way. Travis is understandably unhappy with his continued unemployment but it's obvious that choosing Drew was the right decision and the cameo appearance of Chris and Dylan from [b:Good Bones|13576676|Good Bones|Kim Fielding||19159420] might very well change that for him and give him his self confidence back too.A sweet freebie and I was happy to get a little look at how Drew and Travis are doing.