Omorphi - C. Kennedy, Jamie Mayfield

Since I'm still not sure how the spoiler tags work here with my iPad I clicked spoiler on the sIDE bar. Hope that works.


The blurb and the cover grabbed my attention, I kept going back to the book on the DSP site and looking and thinking.
I read some friends reviews and another friend on twitter raved about it, so I bought this book. 

Now I'm sort of in a difficult spot. 
There are parts of this book I love. They are beautiful the touching and powerful and hopeful.
I love Christy, despite all he has endured he is a strong and determined young man. I loved seeing the hope blossom in him the love for Michael, but more importantly the love for himselfthat grew.
Making his way forward, living and growing and changing and taking control of his life. 
That was beautiful, truly. Michael is a price of a man, so mature and just damn good. Literally a heart of gold. 
Jake was, like Michael, almost too good to be true. Although their relationship was a tad bit confusing to me. The 'more' undertones had me thinking it can't end well.
My issues were different ones, first, there is just way to muchgoing on.

- multi millionaire heir to the company
-everyone was either good or bad. Either smart, talented, wonderful (aka Michael, Jake, etc) or horrible evil ( Aka Jason! Duncan, Yosef...etc)
- either helping and loving Christy and Michael or trying to kill them 
-murdering son-selling dad
-evil abusers chasing all through the world with diplomatic immunity
-corrupt governments 
- not 1 BUT 2 different religious fanatical/preacher parents ( of gay boys who become a couple..what are the odds?)
-secret siblings, murdered mothers and top model cousins
-an all powerful white supremacist bar running good uncle guy who knows everyone and can do anything at anytime
-not one psycho kid at school? No, not even two of them, I think we were up to four at the end. But rest assured they didn't all work together. One was a bomb thrower and gun slinger the other a blood thrower and bashed. 

Now, all of that I could have gotten over, the soap opera like quality did keep me entertained and interested and reading this very long book.
But what I just could not get over, really I couldn't, it kept nagging me, I was talking to the book, angrily, arguing and getting really really impatient with it. 
Everyone but the good uncle was totally and completely incompetent and stupid. Derelict is probably the nicest thing I can say!!
The police were either homophobic, nasty, stupid or uninterested. I mean seriously Michael with broken bones follows Christy's trail and the cops, Feds, private security couldn't??
The private security lost the bad guys every single time, they let a 18 year old pull a gun, again Michael the magnificent saves the day, and then he gets away?? Seriously? In a crowded room full of security?
Christy is swimming in money and I'm assuming he has the best security money can buy? Yet, his security feed is tapped, an 18 year old can bang on his door with a gun and bomb, he is kidnapped and hidden and again, the Feds and police search and search and can't find him? NO, again Saint Michael is snuck back on the plane and he finds him where all the trained officers haven't. 
The incompetence of police and especially the private security people was just too much for me. There wasn't one case where they were there on time to help or stop something from happening.
Christy is beaten at school by 4 boys, yet Michael and Jake have to save the day ( and what is with those kids being allowed back at school, the next day? I don't think so!) 
Blood is thrown at a bunch of kids by a ( I'm assuming slowly passing car, or the blood wouldn't hit it's target), he's kidnapped, he's molested in the bathroom, a car is bombed, his cabin is bombed, guns are pulled, surveillance hacked, I can't even count it all and NOT ONCE did they do their job, I don't get how they weren't fired immediately and a new company hired.
I don't care if Christy's detail was supposed to keep a low profile, I think after the Jason and Duncan and Yosef and what ever else they should have been glued to his side. 
I was so mad at Jake's dad Nero, for such a smart powerful guy he was stupid. He didn't see this? (hide spoiler)]

Jeeze..so, I guess as you can tell this issue really distracted me from a sweet story of young and exuberant love, of overcoming horrors, of friendship and hope.