Puzzle Me This - Eli Easton

Ever since I read Superhero by Eli Easton she has been on my auto- jump-on-it-like-its-trying-to-get-away-and-I'm-not-gonna-let-it-list.
So when I saw the blurb for this short I knew I had to read it and add to that the cover really fits the story to a T. 

Luke has moved back to Pennsylvania after years in California and he is loving it.
He and Trevor, his trusty pup, hike every morning before he starts his work (from home) as a computer game designer.

I love how clever and creative Alex is, his way of introducing himself to Luke is fun and actually shows how alike they are, since Luke figures it out pretty quickly. 
They both have a similar sense of humor and fall into a very easy friendship.
It's told from Luke's POV and at first I was surprised how easily he fell into a relationship with Alex. Alex being in a wheelchair didn't seem to phase him, at least until he talked to Alex's sister and then he starts having doubts.

“He wasn’t afraid to be the guy dating the guy in the wheelchair, Luke realized. But he had been afraid that one day he’d turn out to be the asshole who’d dumped the guy in the wheelchair and broke his heart.” 

His fear of it not working out stopped him from really giving it his all.
It's a novella length story, so I didn't get as much of a feel for them as I wanted too, but what I did get I loved. Luke with his flannel kink and quick wit was perfect for Alex. 
Although, greedy me did wish for more of Alex's thoughts and feelings and I would have loved to see how he goes about his life outside of the time he spends with Luke. I also think keeping it to only Luke's thoughts and feelings gave the story a 'lighter' feel than if I had gotten into Alex's head. 
I was miffed at Alex for giving up so quickly, not on Luke, he deserved what he got, but on the life he had made for himself and his independence. I was more upset with Luke, he really can be a dense, but when he finally gets it, he more than makes up for being stupid.
“And he would rather spend his life walking on rail trails, if Alex was by his side, than climbing the most magnificent peaks."
I thought his message delivery was as cute as Luke's.
I really enjoyed this short, the ending was sweet and romantic, if a little rushed.