Bite Me Tender - Kate Lowell Hmmm...I'm not sure.There is a lot I liked about this one.Glyn is a witch, but only a quarter, but that is enough or maybe too much and gives him 'issues'. We only see a few and others are hinted at, but he had major OCD and has a lot of excess energy he needs to work off.Levi is his packs alpha, but I'm guessing he instated a council and now they are wanting to force him to turn other humans into weres in order to increase their numbers . There is a baddie wolf trying to take over his pack and so his pack is putting him under a lot of pressure to do that.The problem is turning another human male, means not only biting him, no it means months and months of sex.Glyn's witch nature will not stand for his lover sleeping with another....conflict ensues.Glyn also has a crazy ass wonderful grandmother who I wish had played a bigger role.Now, I had a few issues, I understood Levi feeling his obligation to his pack, but it all seemed a little too 'forced'. They can force him and vote, even as an alpha, yet none of the others have to do it too. Seriously ONE person is gonna make a difference? I would think everyone strong in the pack would need to turn someone, if its numbers they are worried about..And on a side note everyone should KNOW I love ménage stories, and although this one is NOT one, the possibility is left open for Connor to be turned by them, but that's what I don't like, I like ménage relationships, not a piece on the if there is ever another book written i hope they do turn Connor, but keep him in the relationship