Just Lion Around - Charlie Richards There is something about this series that just won't let me go. I see a new one out and unless it's a D/s one I just have to read it.It's an addiction, my growly-possessive-mate-mine-sex-a-lot-hurt-comfort-forever and ever-series fix.I have to say the title to this one is cute, very punny, and the story is the same or very similar to the rest of the series, but that's ok, that's what I read them for.Brice, twinky human that he is, is being attacked, Val, hunky lion shifter that he is, saves him and knows *insert growl* mate-mine.Of course Brice has had bad experiences with shifters and is wary, so Val doesn't want to tell him, then bad guys show up ( in every book, different ones show up to cause trouble, they should know by now, if someone finds a mate, bad guys are waiting in the wings) and all is well.