Go Fish - Ht Murray I first read this one in March 2011 but for some reason didn't rate or review it.Deeze brought it back to my attention with her review and I decided to reread it.Humor is hard to do, describing physical slapstick like accidents is difficult, at least to make it so I can picture it and think it's cute.The author managed it with this one though and of course the fish shopping was cute.Cal and Ian have been best friends forever, we don't really get Cal's thoughts but it's still pretty clear they have been lusting for each other for a while, even if Ian is just now finding out that he is gay, or at least gay for Cal.They never would have managed on their own, the help of some very influential and manly fish were needed..some even died for true love to find it's way..*sniff* and the help of one sort of geeky pet store employee and glow in the dark stones...Cute, short and funny, my only issue was sometimes I just wasn't sure who was who during the dialogs..but that could have just been me.