Risk Is A Four-Letter Word - Erin M. Leaf Ok, I'll give this one a go. Not my usual, but we shall see..3.5*I haven't read m/f in a long while and the few m/fm I have read weren't really my thing, but this one was free and from the blurb I was pretty sure it wouldn't be 'just m/f/m' and it wasn't.Zeke and Eric are best friends and business partners and secretly for years crushing on each other. They are both bi-sexual, although no one knows this.They run into Carrie at the beach and it's memorable..but alas, no contact info was exchanged.Then they run into her again, and again...and again..During one such encounter the guys discover that they also have the hots for each other..What I liked was that the whole relationship didn't revolve around Carrie, Zeke and Eric would be fine together even without her. The sex wasn't just centered around her either.The family drama was a little OTT for me. Family members having keys to your place and just walking in. Literally into your place of business or bedroom when they weren't invited in, but used a key to get in, and then being pissy at seeing something that they weren't supposed to irritates me beyond belief. I've have this happen to me, not the walking in on sex part, but people using keys meant for emergencies..because you don't answer your door and It never fails to make me mad.It happened in this one ...twice. Then the dad...gah...I think if this had been longer..more development between Zeke and Eric and then slowly adding Carrie and seeing that aspect develop, beyond the sex..then I might have even really really liked this one..Really getting to know her and maybe more day to day stuff..But , all in all I enjoyed it.