If Wishes Were Coffee - Michelle Moore I read the blurb and wasn't really sure what it meant, why would magical presents end their chance at more? Well I found out. Todd is a barista and one day he gets a very cute and interesting customer. He's a 'gifter' and I have to say, Todd takes to the supernatural like a fish to water.He doesn't quite believe, but : “Except that he wanted to, in that crazy little spot in the back of his head that still thought he could outride a tornado and that telling about a dream before breakfast made it come true”The first half of the book is told from Todd's POV and then switches to Daniel, his friend and secret crush.Daniel has finally made his move on Todd, but he finds he might be thwarted by the gift that was left for Todd and of course he has his own secrets.This is a short and very conflict and angst free read. There is no on page sex, which was fine, it fit the tone of the story. It's a sweet friends to lovers story with a little extra twist. I enjoyed it, the setting at the beach in Florida was great, and I felt the atmosphere. I would have wished for a little more detail. I didn't see as much of the longing and yearning between Daniel and Todd as I wanted and since the paranormal aspect was so interesting I would have liked to learn more about that part too. I got little bits and pieces from Joshua and Daniel's talents but only enough to leave me wanting to know more.