Six - Tara Spears 3.5*Really cute picture prompt and a really sweet story for the LHNB event.Angel is a kindergarten teacher, his new student has an awesomely sexy dad with green eyes. Angel is also raising his daughter by himself so they have that in common, slowly it progresses and they become a couple.It's a bit instant love, but that's ok, with shorter stories you sometimes have to move these things along and they went through a few rough things right at the start and that can help form a bond.There is a lot going on on this story, each thing on it's own was very interesting and the medical issue was unique and I thought very good to bring into a story. First time I've read about it like that, and I always like when something surprises me. The issue with Toby and then some of the other stuff..all in all maybe a bit much for a shorter story, but it was sweet and cute and I read it straight through. I did have a thing, I really don't like 'brat' as an endearment or anything really, and Angel uses it a lot...but that is just me. It's also very heavily child oriented story, so you will need to like kids in your romance, since they play such a big role.