Falling in Love with Crazy - Dane Waters 4.25*Wow. That was a ride. I had to take a deep breath and honestly wipe a few tears away at the end of this one.This review might be a bit spoilerish, but not much, just a few quotes to help me explain what this book did to me.In theory I shouldn't have liked this story. It starts out light and silly, with lots of banter and crazy behavior, there is a plot twist I'm not a fan of and tons of drama and melodrama - but I did like it. A LOT.Ryuu is a cocky, arrogant guy, sees Daniel and wants him. Sexually yes, but he will take friendship or anything he can get. I'm not sure why, besides finding him beautiful, but that ceased to matter to me. After the first few chapters of silliness and a bit of stalkerish and pushy behavior on his part I fell for Ryuu. And I felt for him.He had fallen in love with a very complicated and sick man.It got serious and my heart broke a little along with Ryuu's, broke for Daniel: “Ryuu’s heart was breaking as he realized, for the first time, what crazy really was. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t something to joke about. It was scary as hell, and he was losing Daniel to it.”Poor Daniel, like Ryuu, I was never really sure how far or deep his illness went. But god, I just cried for him : “I don’t understand any of it! Everything sounds different and…and the air smells wrong and nothing…nothing tastes like it’s supposed to or feels the way I think it does. It…it’s all wrong. Everything is wrong, and they wouldn’t listen. They were destroying it. They were burning the only…places I understand. Where I don’t have to be confused all the time. It makes sense there. I understand it. I was…happy there, and I want to go back. I want…I want to go back. ” Daniel sat back on his heels. “I’m tired, Ryuu. I’m tired…of being confused all the time. I’m tired of trying to make sense of it all. It’s too hard. Why can’t you understand? I don’t want to be here anymore.”*blows nose and wipes eyes*Then came the melodrama I could have done without, but ...oh Daniel, and poor poor Ryuu.I think I felt more for Ryuu, because when Daniel was in his own world, he was fine there, he didn't quite know what was happening, but Ryuu..“Ryuu would take on the world for Daniel. But he couldn’t fight this.”*sniffle* So, like I said, I shouldn't have liked this, it was irreverent in some cases and sometimes a little OTT and had plot devices I don't go for...but..but..I felt so much while reading it, that I have to say it was a good story. It caught me and didn't let me go until I was finished, and I think it's going to stay with me a long while to come.