Strong Enough - Cardeno C. Pre-ordered. Note to whoever reminds me : download 30 August. :) This author wrote one of my all time favorites [b:He Completes Me|10674603|He Completes Me (Home #2)|Cardeno C.||15584217] so every time a new book comes out I think, will this one be the one to top that one ? *snicker snort at my very lame attempt at punny humor* This one comes damn close, but no, Zach and Aaron retain their spot as my favorite [a:Cardeno C.|4620386|Cardeno C.|] couple.Spencer is 38 and a very smart, quiet, shy and unassuming man. He also is pretty insecure and has issues. At times he seems a lot younger than his chronological age, at least as far as self esteem and confidence goes.Emilio is 22, but wow, what a sweet, mature, caring, clever guy. He might not have Spencer's book smarts, but he has people smarts and has a great heart. He is perfect, and does all the right things, I'd have to hate him if I didn't love him so much. lol. To be fair though, the first few pages I was on the fence if Emilio was sweet and perfect or pushy creepy, but that was quickly settled. This book has very little to no angst, it's sweet and sugary and the guys are perfect for each other and Emilio's family is supportive and warm and welcoming and accepting. The couple has no conflict and steamy hot sex, only one small blight of an ex to mar the perfect rosy rainbow colored future, but he is swiftly dealt with by a flying projectile and all is good in Emilio and Spencer land. Just what I needed today This author's books are great for escapism and feel good time, smiling, smexy, loving HEA kind of stories and when I need a dose of sugar, I know one of these will do the job.