From the Ashes - Daisy Harris Anke, Ami and I are going to buddy read this one, anyone who wants to join us when it comes out on the 13th feel free. :)The more the merrier. Here's the thread: to the great BR Ladies! :))3.75*I think my expectations going into this story were slightly swayed due to the blurb, so I was sort of expecting more conflict/difficulty for the couple based on that.Jesse is a real sweetheart, despite losing everything and having no one to turn to when everything burns down before his eyes, he still thinks of Chardonnay, a big old silly dog, that is now also homeless and of course he can't just leave her for the animal control.Tomas a fireman at the scene can't just leave Jesse, he knows he's homeless ( and possessionless since it's all turned to ash) and now also homeless with a dog.Jesse and Tomas are attracted to each other and act on it very quickly and despite Jesse never actually having had a relationship before and Tomas only having random back alley BJs they take to this new arrangement like a duck to water.Tomas especially confused me, he really is a good guy, he takes Jesse in and drives into work hours early to make sure Jesse gets there, he steps up and does his very best to love and care for Jesse.But his being in the closet confused me, it seems at least his sister knows for sure and I have a feeling the rest also knew, and he didn't have a lot of angst when it came to setting the guys at work straight about things either. He is always affectionate and touching Jesse in public and I just didn't see the problem. When he needs to make a choice of Jesse or... anything/anyone else he chooses Jesse and his happiness every time. I was so glad at at least Jesse and his mother are back on track, that was good and I needed that for them.So, it's a happy feel good read, a nice story with very little angst or conflict, hot steamy sex ( even if Tomas has really screwed up thoughts on that at the beginning, once he gets over those he more than makes up for it in enthusiasm and frequency). It's one of those stories you can just sit back and read and not have to worry or think too hard, just sort of enjoy two nice guys getting their HEA.I might have actually liked a tad less sex ( *shocking, I know *) and a few more conversations between the guys to see what they fell in love with, Jesse I got, but besides physical I would have loved to see what Tomas really loved about Jesse. I'll read the next ones, because as frequently mentioned Michael needs to get laid and Henri deserves a great guy..for some reason I'm looking at Rick for Michael, don't ask me why. :)