Rinse and Repeat - Amberly Smith 3.5*I LOVED the idea of this story, a bit of Quantum Leap meets Groundhog Day in much younger and more criminal version.I felt for both Peat and Jake.Peat is a 'Repeater' he ends up places and has to repeat the day again and again until he gets it resolved the way it needs to be. Not always a happy ending, and that does wear on him. Also, people all forget him, even when he spends months with them.Jake lost his sister to leukemia and his very best friend Geo to a murderer. And now it looks like someone is after Jake and Peat has to stop it, and after spending the same day with him over and over and over again, Peat has fallen in love with Jake.But for Jake it's always a new day, right?So, like I said, the premise is awesome, I love paranormals and I enjoy stories a little different and off the beaten path, and this was certainly that. At times I wasn't sure who was talking/thinking, since it's told from both POVs and the switch wasn't always apparent.I felt for both MCs, but especially for Peat, the poor guy., he needed a big hug and a few weeks of rest. The mystery wasn't bad, although I actually figured a lot of that out, I blame all the Colombo's I watched as a kid. But after all that, I sort of wanted and needed an epilogue...really.