Night Shift - Azalea Moone Free at SW with code RE42B till Sunday.This book was free and I appreciate the time and thought put into it and possibly if it had been longer and a few things made clearer and some other things left out I would have liked it, as it was I was in turn irritated, mad and annoyed by the MCs.Brandon works the night shift at the convenience store/gas station. Brandon explains a lot about his job at the gas station, lots of little details..that frankly bored me. There is a bad storm and he's stuck there, in comes the delivery guy he's met once before 3 months earlier. The guy is now hot looking but Brandon doesn't like him. How they get from dislike to fucking in the storeroom I'm not sure, but they do. So..Brandon takes Jamie home and Jamie steals from him. Fast forward a few weeks, he finds him tricking to pay child support and they hook back up. Next comes another delivery and storm. I didn't really get it, yes it was sort of dark and gritty, possibly real, but I didn't like either guy, at all. I didn't see the attraction. I didn't even feel as if they even liked each other. I certainly didn't. Had the whole thing been longer, see Jamie struggling to make ends meet, see Brandon help him. Maybe a friendship of some kind form.For me it was Brandon was desperate and needy and Jamie is a thief and an asshole. Oh and Jamie says he and his ex were in the drug scene, he's out of it, but she isn't. Yet..I assume his daughter is still with her? does he see his daughter, he is paying child support, tricking to make the payments, yet he leaves her with a druggie? Just a random thought and another reason I didn't like Jamie.