Life in the Land - Rebecca Cohen The 40% sale came and I browsed and I saw this one and threw it in the cart like nobody's business. I really hope it's awesomesauce. 3.35*I'm a little torn about how to rate this story. The idea behind it and the talents and gifts that Bobby and his family have and how they use them is very cool. I loved hearing how all the plants and vegetables talked and argued and had personalities. I enjoyed the unusual way they used their powers for saving people and being superheroes. Although I wish that had been a bit more delved into, I only saw the one example of how Bobby saved those people and I would have loved to see the whole family in action together.The romance or love story..that didn't work quite as well for me.The story is told in 5 parts and each is a short scene and introduction of what is happening in Bobby's life at the time. The jump between scenes can be years, even a decade between the first and second one.I missed seeing the relationship happen or develop, not even the memories that Bobby had really showed me their feelings for each other. So as a different and unusual story, I absolutely liked it, it was original, and really wish that it had been longer and I could have seen Bobby and Co in all their superhero glory, the romance, well I guess the same goes for that, I needed more of them together to even see the attraction and love.