Return to Destiny  - Vona Logan 3.65*Wade keeps having sex in 2012. Now that wouldn't be anything unusual or in need of mention if it wasn't that he was having sex by himself. Ok, that wouldn't be worth mentioning either, except he's alone when he gets off, but not really by himself.Yes, yes, I know, right now you are thinking, Mandy, what on earth are you talking about? Anyways..poor Wade feels another man/ghost/being, he feels the kisses, the touches and smells him and can sort of even hear a bit but that's it. He can't see him or touch him back, but he comes, boy does he. And mystery lover doesn't seem to care where Wade is when he launches his sensual attacks. That was funny, well maybe not for Wade, but still. I like paranormal stories, I like the touch of different doesn't matter whether it's shifters, time travel, ghosts, magic, I am always intrigued. So this one hit on that but it was more of a 'second chances' than time travel to me. Michael is in the year 2022 and very unhappy and mostly of his own making.I'm not going to give any more details, since you need to read it and see for yourself, I do wish this had been longer though.There is a lot of sex (yum) for such a short, not that I'm complaining, but although the MCs have contact ( ha, full body contact) before they 'meet' and I realize they develope an attraction and I guess an affection for each other, I missed really seeing that develop between them. When they finally come together it's more of a fait de complet and makes it feel more like insta love than it really should. I wanted to see where the love/feelings come from besides the physical, which wasn't even corporal. I think a few more pages in the beginning with them somehow connecting despite the time difference and maybe a little bit after...I loved the idea of the story, and it's well told, I guess because I liked the whole premise of the story so much ,I wanted more of it and to really see these guys longing and wanting and fighting for each other and their love.