Bring Him Home - Sammy Goode This was a roller coaster ride kind of read. Happy, hopeful worrisome, sad, heavy and hopeful again. The doc and the medic, fall for each other, it's forbidden and I can tell you DADT was the LEAST of their issues. Michael only barely mentions it, but fraternization is a huge no no in the military.For good reason, as the story showed, Michael was literally making decisions that effected if Finn was out on a helicopter or stayed at base, he would also make decisions about his performance and promotion reports, but that's neither here nor there, I just thought they would have worried about that more, because it would have meant a boat load of trouble, especially for Michael being a officer and sleeping with a subordinate and enlisted person. No biggie, just throwing that out there. But that wasn't what the story was about, it was about being in hell and still carrying on, loving and living in difficult circumstances and then the aftermath of being in hell.I thought the story was told so well. The conflicting emotions and feelings Finn is having and going through, poor poor Finn. I just wished it had been longer, but that's me being greedy, I know the time constraints make that almost impossible, doesn't keep me from wanting it though.