Changing Owen's Mind - Charlie Richards Spoilerish and slightly ranting, proceed at your own risk. :)First off Adalric is just as annoying and ridiculous in this book as he was in his own story, fortunately he's only in it the first few pages. Now, again,I like my fluffy snack reads but the blurb has way more conflict than the book does.Owen needs about 4 minutes to accept paranormals and when told his bonding with Xavier will be FOREVER. He's like stick it in me. Not one question . Not one, hello, he's a vamp and talking about soul mates what kind of detective ( you are supposed to be one Owen) doesn't even ask for the 3 minute recap of WTF that means???He bonds, comes out and accepts paranormals all with an ease that is enviable and whiplash inducing. The blurb led me to think there would be at least some kind of conflict/issue/problem/thought ..alas nope. Too bad, because in general I enjoy this authors stories but the last few have been too quick and fluffy even for me. And that's saying something.