Summer Lovin' - J.L. Merrow,  Chrissy Munder,  Clare London,  Josephine Myles,  Lou Harper I'll be reading and reviewing each one, so this might take a while. :) Summer Hire By Chrissy Munder 3.65* This one started pretty fluffy, Jim has graduated and can't seem to find a job, his friend Cheryl gets him one working at a summer rental place and he immediately falls in lust with his new boss. Falls being the operative word here, it seems for some reason Jim is a total and complete klutz around Jim. But as the summer goes on Jim becomes more serious and sees Aaron as more than just a really hot and steamy guy ( who ignores him most of the time) and Aaron seemed to be a real self made kind of guy.I liked it, it had a nice setting, nice character development and enough of a backstory of each guy to keep me happy. Lost And Found On Landisfarne by JL Merrow