Fraternal Devotion - K. Piet, Kristen Pavka, D.K. Jernigan, Alisha Steele, Leigh Wilder, Azalea Moone, S.L. Armstrong I'm going to read and review as I go..this one is a bit outside of my comfort zone, so it might take a while.War And Peace And Brotherhood by DK Jernigan 3*The world this is set in is very interesting and cool. Two brothers fighting on different sides of an issue, but in the back of their mind longing and loving the other.The US has a population of Infected, they are people who through sex have been infected with something that makes them develop an extra ability, shift, or levitate or be all blue, a bit X-Man-ish, but they are discriminated and hunted by a Corp in the US and in this case with the brothers, one in the Corp and one a Transformed man.I was missing a bit of the love and longing and affection between the brothers, maybe a little longer, to show them in the past and give them time to show it in the here and now. Analgesia By Alisha Steele 4*Ethan, the older brother who after a shared kiss and a little bit more, punched him and took off to England for the last year and a half.This is told from Brandon's POV and so we don't always see Ethan in a good light, we see him as a slut, a flirt and callous to his heartache suffering younger brother.But when Ethan finally stops being an asshat and things progress, I was so happy to see his softer side and that he is just as smitten and in love with his baby brother. Now, that is one thing that was a little annoying Ethan kept calling Brandon Baby-Bran, Baby-Boy-Baby-...I would have liked just another page or two to see how they are going to try and make this work in the future. Depression, Love and Swimming Pools by Leigh Wilder 3.65* This one is a bit different than the others, and actually different from most stories I've read. These two brothers have been apart for years, Cale has tried to be the 'good son' goes to school, plays sports..etc, but really he's not happy, he's just staying away because staying was too hard.His older brother Derrick is depressed, he doesn't really live, he stays in the pool house and has stopped taking his meds. Their father killed himself years ago, and that still haunts both of them.This wasn't a romance, or love story. IMO, but still a pretty powerful tale of these two men.This quote really showed where they are, at least at the beginning : "Derrick was stagnant and unchanging. Cale had moved away, but he hadn't moved on.”The ending is more hopeful but that fits, these guys have a lot of work to do. In Clouds Of Obsession by Azalea Moone 1.5* ok, first of all, I don't care about boys will be boys and kids do stupid things, Matt was more than old enough to know better, when a story starts with a boy taking a turtle and crushing it on a stone and stomping on it, there is no way to really redeem this kid to me, and you know what, he didn't even try. He then is engaged to a girl he picks up on Vegas and barely knows,but has sex with his brother. Then has more sex while his fiancée and parents are downstairs and is then an ass again to his brother, blaming him. Jeremy isn't any better, I didn't see any reason to love ( be in love) with his brother except for the physical attraction and finding him 'hot'. Matt wasn't nice to Jeremy and they didn't seem to have a close relationship. I mean in three years Jeremy hadn't even been in Matt's bedroom. I didn't see any friendship, let alone longing and love, just Jeremy lusting after his brother for years and when Matt is again mean to him he holes up, loses his job, doesn't eat or sleep..won't answer his phone and cries alot. Dear heavens, who would want someone so umm I guess I'll use the word fragile and be nice about it. And really, sucking your drunk and unconcious brother is NOT a cool thing to do, it's an asshole move.All in all I did not like the MCs and I certainly didn't see any reason for them to like each other. On The Edge by SL Armstrong and K Piet 4* I'm a little torn on this one, it was real and gritty, and finally a story where one of the brothers has a lot of problems with his love for his twin brother.He drowns it with drugs and alcohol and is constantly torn between shame and guilt and love and self loathing.It was told totally from Andrew's POV which left me feeling like he was very dependent and needy and reliant on Ben, but of course Ben lets Andrew treat him like crap for years , so I guess it was more of a mutual dependency.This did show the problems their upbringing and social norms cause in these kind of taboo relationships. I really wish this one had been longer, it had tons of potential.