A Bite of Fulfillment (A Paranormal's Love) - Charlie Richards I'm the first to admit I like my fluffy-mate-mine-growl read. I don't mind the instant bonding and extraordinary bouts of sex, I can live with each book being more of a set up to the next..I know what I'm getting and it's ok, I like my little 'snack' books. I was a bit disappointed in this one, in the previous book Adalric ( the head honcho vamp coven leader) is all about letting the difficult and unhappy human Seth get to know him and get used to paranormals. Now he gets a call that his second in command has been attacked he sort of tricks Seth into going with him and like 5 minutes before they arrive at the vamp mansion he's like show me respect or I'm going to spank you in front of my coven as punishment. See, right there, I would have said you can kiss my ass vamp, I'm outta here. If Seth is his 'beloved' and he's all your 'my everything and I can't live without you' and that's how you treat me to get me to do what you want, I would have told him where to stick his 'beloved' shit. And lets not forget that he doesn't even tell Seth he's the beloved, no another vamp lets that slip. Then it's supposed to be that all Adalric worries about is Seth's happiness and safety, YET a human attacks his beloved after 5 minutes in the mansion AND this supposedly scary coven leader is doing JACKSHIT to find out WHO is the traitor in his midst!!! Excuse me Adalric, I realize introducing Seth to the wonders of bottoming is important, ( besides the fact that holy shit, but Seth makes tons of noises, he mewls, growls, whines, whimpers, grunt, ....) , but you have people in your coven out to kill and take over, think you could spare a few minutes and look into it? maybe? Oh and I would have liked Seth to take a little longer and really be wooed not let his hormons take over, since the whole him NOT wanting to be involved in the paranormal world was what made this interesting to me in the first place.And I'm not even going to start so them screwing up Seth's supposed death! Was there no body? Ad of there was why didn't the police then want to know who's it was????So unfortunately I'm not impressed with this one , despite my usual tendency to over look things in shifter/vamp/paranormal stories this one just didn't do it for me. And really that spanking threat really didn't work for me in ANY way..it doesn't make sense and it annoyed me. Of course, all that said, I'll read the next one, I already want to know what's up with the detective. :)