You Get Full Credit For Being Alive - Cari Z. 4.5*This story had a very powerful picture prompt and I think the author did an awesome job with this story.Justin is just walking his dog Della (love me a pup) and discovers what he thinks is a dumped body, he quickly realizes that he isn't dead - yet.Justin is no boy scout, but he has had a change of heart over the years and something about this young man, fighting for his life touches him and after reading it, I think it's also a little bit of trying to change the past, wanting this time to have a different outcome. He helps, watches over, protects and slowly falls for Shawn. Shawn in turn has a lot to overcome, his injuries were very severe. And Justin needs to overcome himself as well. Watching it enfold was great and I gobbled it up. A really good story. Read it. I loved this story, it was a mixture of deceit, redemption, second chances, hurt-comfort, perseverance, forgiveness, cloak and dagger, a dog, and some sadness and some sweetness.