I wish you knew - Mercy James I'm a little sad after reading this story.It was free so again, I'm not rating it, but the reason I'm sad, is it had potential, the idea was good, but it just wasn't told well and it was way too short to cover the issues that were brought up.Mika is gay, he knows he's gay, but playing a kids game at a party, he's caught kissing his best friend James and theat when the bullying starts.James seems to have thrown him under the bus, but they are still great friends. Mika is bullied and escapes in anorexia and cutting himself. There is NO mention of parents of teachers.this has been going on 4 years and no one but James is mentioned.The story is told like a young teen is telling it, I am not sure if that's how the author planned it or not.After years, James decides he loves Mika and all is well. This would have been a great outline for a story, but it's not a good story as it.