Bottled Up - Andrew  Grey 3.75*When I read one of Andrew Grey's books I know what I'm going to get.I'm going to get a sweet story, likely unrealistic, idealized and after some sad and difficult issues from the past are overcome life is cupcakes and rainbows and puppies bathed in glitter.And you know what? That's OK! I wanted a feel good read, where the MCs love each other, they don't deny it, they don't doubt it, even the teenager is special and nice and thankful ( a miracle is what that is! LOL) the surrounding characters are either the bad guys or the good guys and it's clear who's who.So Sean saves the sweet and extraordinarily well behaved 16 year old teen Bobby. Sean takes Bobby in and a family is born. Police officer Sam has the hots for Sean but never let on, but now he makes his move and with a few dramatic turn of events and the easiest maneuvering through bureaucracy in the history of mankind, lots of love declarations and a little help from friends all is well.I feel happy and am again reminded why I like picking up one of Mr Grey's stories.