Our Piece of Sky - Eden Connor Yummy picture for this LHNB story. 3.5*I really enjoyed the main thread of this story, Manny is who he is and he is a talented sweet guy, I liked him a a lot.Joseph is an equally great guy, his long friendship with Teague and his caring shows that.The sadness I felt reading about the news cases represented in this story, heartbreaking and then Manny's words..so true and then the kitties...*sigh*.My only complaint ( although at the end when the author explained that she has a series set in this town with numerous characters appearing in all of those stories) is that all of a sudden many people showed up and I wasn't sure where to place them and there seemed to be a lot of things that I sort of had to figure out ( Willa's business, Manny's history, the people that all showed up at the dinner at the end..). That was a little confusing a little 'busy', but I loved a lot of things about this story, and Manny and his 3 designer kittens made this story for me.