Feeling His Steel - Brynn Paulin Wyn is a Knight in 13th century Britain and loves his squire Tobias ( didn't they all? ) Anyway, Tobias had been murdered 8 years ago ( and the author didn't go into great detail, but holy shit..just thinking about it made me shudder).Wyn kept on and did his duty until he was 'outed' by his own father, and shortly before the mob was upon him he was given a chance to be reunited with Toby. Now 2012 and this knight shows up in Toby's office at his very conservative college...Slowly Toby remembers his past and he and Wynn sure make up for lost time. Lots of hot sex ensues.Now, I found the blurb a little misleading, because I didn't really see Toby's memories or believing Wyn as the issue. The issue was Toby is as firmly in the closet now as he was hundreds of years ago..and while I felt for Wyn an his frustration, I have to say I was angry at him. He gives his promise of love to Toby ( he denied him first back in the day, even if it was Toby's wish) and then runs out on him and wants to leave him because Toby doesn't behave as he wants him to.I was angry at the attack on Toby and felt Wyn should have been there, if he hasn't run out like a pouting princess it wouldn't have happened. They had only been reunited a short time, surely a little patience was in order, but no Wyn leaves in a huff with a melodramatic letter and leaves his ring...while Toby was in the hospital then getting fired.I really really wish Wyn had been made to grovel instead of Toby doing all the apologizing.I guess I just felt all this forever and eternity love Wyn kept talking about was only valid if Toby moved at the speed Wyn expected. I get that him telling his college he was 'only a friend' was very hurtful and Toby should feel bad and apologize, but all this pouting and running off and leaving...*sigh* sorry, it feels pretty childish and petty to me. I remember the angel telling Wyn not to let Toby down again, not to fail him, he seemed to have forgotten that. So, I liked the time travel, the fated lovers, the scorching sex..Wyn needed a major kick in the keister and I would have loved the book.