Sonata - A.F. Henley I'm torn about how I feel about this story.On the one hand the idea of a set in his ways-workaholic- feeling unloveable finding a young man to brighten his life and love him to love him back is wonderful, add to that a sweet child with a disability, a Cinderfella storyline and I should love it.But I don't, Ian is 36, left by his cheating scumbag of a boyfriend goes into a club and all of his thoughts are how wrong he is, what a loser, how no one will want him. Yes, these were put in his head by his ex, but it got a little old. Then he hooks up with a young man who was very clear that it was JUST a hook-up. Yet, Ian can't let go, pushes for more, they run into each other and really he comes across as desperate and needy.Even though I did not like Aubrey in any way, she was right telling him he falls completely and fast. I felt Ian wanted Jordan, the 22 year old father of an 8 year old, but didn't treat him like an adult. He checks the cabinets of there is enough food, bit doesn't offer to get some groceries, no he threatens him with calling someone about Cole. It's not that I begrudged him his questions and his need to know more, but the whole way he went about it. He literally forced himself on Jordan, pushed himself into his life and then tried to take over and started making demands and came across as condescending one minute and then needy the next.Jordan, well...he was immature, he was emotional and he was doing the best he could. He made a poor decision and I wish he had thought it through and although he knew what he did was wrong, he hadn't really looked for an alternative or tried to get in contact with anyone who could help him on his own. Yes, he was moving in that direction, because Ian was forcing his hand, but on his own, he admitted that it was a mistake but I didn't see him even thinking about rectifying it on his own. Then...Jordan not contacting Ian I could understand, but Ian not even trying to find out something? He was so forceful in getting what he wanted, when it was Jordan in his bed, that he wanted, but then? Nothing? It wasn't worth a little effort?Now to Ian's behavior at work, I liked when he stood up for himself, but he had trouble doing it in a normal way, when he did, he was rude and profane. But then gave into the demands, despite standing up and saying no...what's the point then? The heart attack seemed like a blessing in disguise, I was so glad he seemed to be learning to calmly say what he thought and then move on. The work example was great.I loved that he blew Aubrey and Madison off. I would have forgiven Aubrey, but all the conversations she had with Ian before the incident at Jordan's she was so arrogant and putting him down and smirking..and then to bring Madison to Ian's home like a gift? glad he kicked their sorry asses to the curb.The ending, again, left me wanting. I was glad they were getting a second chance, they deserved it, but again, I felt like Ian was treating Jordan like a child. If you can have sex with him, you should not be asking the parents about his curfews and rules and what boundaries they have set for him!! So, I guess I loved the idea of this book, the writing was very good and flowed well, but the characters made me angry, I was gritting my teeth and frustrated with every single one of them, with the exception of Cole.