The Unwanted: Complete Collection - Westbrooke Jameson When I read this author's LHNB contribution [b:Nothing's Missing Now|18080641|Nothing's Missing Now|Westbrooke Jameson||25388707] which I really loved, I went right out and checked out what else he had published.I saw this series and it sounded just like my kind of series.Poor kids trying their best to make it. Loving and protecting each other as best as they can. Add in sexy aliens that come and save them from all that despair, I jumped on this book in a second. The aliens have travelled many light years in hopes of finding their bond mates, of finding love, and as luck would have it, they all happen to be gay aliens. This series covers each one of the guys in this down on their luck 'family' and I love how even though the Narsoreal save them from the life they are leading, these humans save their aliens right back, yes I'm sort of getting a 'Pretty Woman' flashback moment here. There are some very cool quirky results for the Narsoreal when they mate, let's just say when their human bond mate wishes for Price Charming , some of those wishes are going to come true. I had a few chuckles at the results. It's definitely instant love for the aliens and the humans like in any good fairytale fall pretty quickly too and considering sex is the key to bonding, there is a lot of bonding going on with these mates. Shannon's SolaceIn this first installment of the series we meet Shannon and his makeshift family.Each is among the 'unwanted' of society, poor, desperate and looking for anyway to survive.They turn tricks, steal or contribute any way they can, but they all stick together and keep each other as safe and as well cared for as possible.Three years ago aliens from Nars came to earth, they brought technology and some medical advancement but nothing that has helped or improved Shannon's ( who goes by the name Shots) life nor any of his friends.The government will in return allow them to look for their bond mates but only in the 'dredges' of society. Now comes the hard part for me, there is some really cool, imaginative and sexy weird stuff that happens between the Narsoreal and their bonded mate. And yes people, you guessed it Shannon's sexy elf like alien, Alimund, has found him.The first encounter between the two wasn't as fairytale like as i thought it would be, considering this is in my opinion a total Cinderfella story, it wasn't love at first sight for Shannon, but possibly love at first taste. I am not going to explain, you will just have to read that part. I like to find quotes that show the characters a little better and Shannon gave me a great one : “You see me and you talk to me. Nobody does that. Not like you do.”When you live like they all do, it's just literally trying to survive every day and not really expecting more, but oh boy are they going to get more. So one sexy alien and a down on his luck rent boy who has a guilty conscience, add in some semi-insta bonding and a little teeny angst and I loved it. Lucky for the rest of the guys Shannon's bond mate Alimund is a bond matcher, so he's off to see if he can get the other men their Prince Charming from a land really really far away. Derek's BlissThis is the second book in the series and is about Derek, he is dying of VIS, an autoimmune disease. There are treatments, but only the very rich can afford that and Derek and his 'family' of society's unwanted can't even dream of being able to spring for any kind of medicine.Derek is a caretaker at heart, he finds and 'adopts' the ones that need help. In this short we find out how Joel and Ambrosia joined him and it's touching to see that yes, while he doesn't want to die, one of the main reasons for that is he doesn't want to leave those he cares for alone. He fears what will happen to them when he's gone.Shannon gets Alimund to search for Derek's bond mate in the hopes of saving his life.It's a little like ' The Bachelor' sci-fi style. Joss ends up being the perfect match for Derek, considering the precarious state of his health they bond very quickly. I would have loved a little more time with them together, but as each of these shorts is more like another chapter in the story of the bond mates finding each other I'll just run on to the next to find out more.Oh and these 'wishes' are really cute, I love seeing how each one manifests. Joel's ProtectionThis third installment is all about the 'baby' of the family, the one they want to keep as sheltered and innocent as possible. The problem with that is Joel's 18 years old and not all that interested in staying innocent. He's got a voyeristic kink going and he really wants his own Prince Charming. Thanks to Ailmund, the bond matcher he gets one. Odard is a different kind of Nars than the ones we have met so far. He has a different build and isn't quite like the others. I'm not telling, you will just have to read it.This one was cute, but even more insta love than the others, although I can see why Joel would fall so quickly. I think he really is a little bit of a 'princess' and just wants to find love and someone to care for him.I was hoping to find out a little more about the aliens in this one and that didn't happen, and the pet names that each story has going got a little too much for me in this one, but it was still a quick sexy read.Ambrosia's WorthAmbrosia is a tough cookie, she's had to be. She's prickly and can get her bitch on when she needs to.When her match Theo, sees her and promptly turns tail and runs she knew that the fairytale that the others found with their alien matches wasn't what she going to get. A HEA wasn't in her future. Ambrosia is a very interesting character, she likes who she is, she likes what she looks like, she doesn't quite know how to label herself or why she should even have to. But she has been let down often enough to have pretty much lost all hope.“So if she didn’t know what she was, why would she believe there’d be anyone out there who’d want her the way she was?”I felt bad for her after Theo ran, she was so sad and resigned, but I liked that she wasn't going to wallow, she was going to get on with her life and make something happen.Of course we know these matches are perfect and that Theo wouldn't be able to stay away. I understood Theo being upset when he first saw Ambrosia, he explained what had caused his initial reaction.This one had a little more dirty talking and a tiny bit of kink going on and I enjoyed seeing Ambrosia getting her happy ending.We don't learn anything more or new about the Narsoreal though, so that left me wanting a little.Renzo's RedemptionRenzo is the last in this bunch of 'misfits' to find his match.He works for an 'escort service' to support his mother and sisters, unfortunately they don't appreciate what he does for them, they ridicule him and call him names.But having a good heart and feeling responsible for his family he still tricks to keep them fed and cared for, despite being made to feel horrible about himself. Renzo is bi-sexual. He loves girls and boys equally so when he walks into where his friends are now living with their aliens and sees a sexy young woman he's more than happy to flirt.To say he is shocked by the turn of events after that might be an understatement.He soon learns about the Nars and their bonding, although again Alimund fails to share all details. Renzo's bond mate is Isabel. She, like Renzo, was so loyal to her family, she left her planet to accompany her brother Joss to earth. The change Isabel goes through wasn't really surprising, after reading the others in this series, I was surprised that that was all that changed.I was a little conflicted on the way his family situation was resolved, it had a little bit of good news and a conciliatory gesture but I wasn't really happy with how it was resolved between them. There is a little something for everyone in The Unwanted. Gay couples, a small side story of Sara and Claire the lesbian couple, the trans* character and of course the bi-sexual. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find out more about the Narsoreal. I was left wondering about the deal they made with the government, their life expectancy, how many of them came to earth? I also wondered what would become of this little family of humans now. Sticking with the fairytale theme they all fit into the glass slipper, but what now? Will they go to school and get their degrees as some of them originally expressed? Or will they organize the half way house Derek mentioned? I enjoyed this series and definitely recommend reading them all in order, there were some very original twists brought on by the alien/human coupling. And there is a lot of 'coupling' going on in these books. Some of the couples were more interesting and fun than others but on a whole it was an original sci-fi Cinderfella series that showed ' the unwanted' that they were very much wanted, loved and adored by their sexy aliens.