Tristan - K. M. Mahoney I read the first one in this series [b:Lucky|11376944|Lucky (Putnam County, #1)|K.M. Mahoney||16308037] but I'd say this is ok to read as a standalone.Tristan is an investigator/bounty hunter for a paranormal investigations unit and comes (back) to Putnam county to take care of a crazy human eating were.So far so good, except Tristan's brother Michael lives here with his partner Allie, and Tristan was and ass to Michael. ( still is, if you ask me) and Lucas lives here too.Lucas who is for some reason a distraction to Tristan.Ok, now, I liked Lucas, he's clumsy and strange and has a few issues, but he's sweet and needy and I felt that he got the short end of the stick. It seems if almost everybody but Allie is an ass to him, I know he has quirks, but really.He and Tristan have scorching hot sex and then Tristan is an ass to him, and honestly, I never thought he stopped being an asshat. He was horrible to Lucas when the secrets came out, as if he were any better, and although he felt bad I didn't see any groveling or retribution. If Lucas's life hadn't been in danger, or if he hadn't been injured would he have really ever gone back? I have my doubts. If Lucas said he didn't want to leave Putnam, would Tristan have decided his life and his job were more important to him than Lucas, I think he probably would have. Lucas also never held him accountable for how he reacted or what he said. Why on earth did Lucas owe him an explanation of what he is? Tristan made it clear he is in the closet and has no intention of Lucas being more than a convenient lay. I get Lucas can't help it, with his obsessive tendencies, but really, stand up for yourself sweetheart and kick his ass to the curb. Lucas's feelings, emotions and love felt real and honest. the end of the book he still hasn't said I love you, even when he want Lucas to say it to him, So, I liked Lucas tons and the were/shifter/hybrid story line was interesting and I like the Putnam county setting a lot, it's Tristan who sort of took away a bit of my enjoyment, because I love a big badass alpha falling in love and realizing it and maybe groveling a bit, but I didn't get that.