Challenging Fate - Renee Stevens Deeze and Tailtiu enjoyed this one so Ami, Vio and I did a multi-continent buddy-read. The blurb to this story is very vague so my review might be considered a little spoilerish, but not too much I hope. I love dragon shifters, I love all kinds of shifters, but dragons hold a special place in my heart. But this one stomped on my poor heart and I sniffled while reading it, a lot. Maki lost everything when he finally shifted into his dragon form and I mean everything, his name, his family, he is an outcast and lives in fear and loneliness everyday. He was only 12 when he shifted for the first time..did I mention I teared up and sniffled?He is alone and knows this is how his life will be but when he has a chance to save a life and maybe change his. Is what he has been told all his life maybe not the way it really is? Or is it even worse? I loved the moral of this story, it's nothing new, but it never hurts to be repeated. Someone who was loved and had friends, he was part of a community is now an outcast, reviled and feared, threatened and harmed, because he's blue. Now, change 'blue' for any number of things and it's no longer an AU shifter story but a contemporary real life situation and that's the part that has me sad.The ending made up for my heartache but it did feel a bit abrupt. I would love, no I need to know more about this couple, a lot of things were left unanswered for me and the world created was interesting and just begs to be explored further. There is also the slightly less forgiving part of me that wants some kind of retribution and justice for Cyan. So I am very glad I read it and really hope for a continuation of their story.