Blessed Curses - Madeleine Ribbon I read this blurb and just knew it would be my kind of story, I mean a cursed sorcerer and another one falling for him. But with a curse that literally repels people, what can ever come of it? The very beginning had me falling in love with little David. I have kids very close in age, so the rivalry and jealousy that Todd had for his little brother was understandable and instead of fists these kids use magic. Havoc ensues. The story then skips to the here and now, and honestly I would have loved to have seen a little of how difficult it was for David growing up and how he managed it all.No one can stand to be near him for more than a little while, only Todd can touch him, just being in his vicinity elicits fear and dread in everyone. I can imagine it, school and family, but I would have liked to have been there with David for a little bit of that. Vaughn Moore works for Arcana, he's an enforcer in the government agency responsible for magical accidents and crimes.Vaughn's original interest in David is as the 'incurable' curse case, but as soon as they meet he finds he really likes David and develops a more personal interest in him.David is a little suspicious and fearful, understandable if you think about his life, this quote sort of sums it up : “If I say you can kiss me, and you do, and I love it, and then it never happens again, will I spend the rest of my life trying to get that feeling back?” There is a side story that Vaughn is working on and again I would have loved to hear more about his cases and his job, but the novella length limits that, but the main focus was Vaughn trying to gain David's trust and friendship and maybe more.David is trying to protect himself and his feelings, which in his situation I can understand, he is afraid to hope, so he is a bit prickly and reticent with Vaughn even when he really loves the time he spends with him.Vaughn calls him 'Hedgehog' in a loving way and it's fitting, but I have to say Vaughn is a wonderful, patient, kind and understanding man. As much as I felt for David, it was Vaughn who stole my heart .I don't want to say anymore and give away anything, I wish I had been able to spend more time in this interesting world and with these men and their family and friends.