Before I Wake (Torqued Tales) - Eli Easton 3.85* I really enjoyed this author's [b:Superhero|18192707|Superhero|Eli Easton||25598041] so I went and picked up this from her backlist.I love fairy tales, and this was most definitely one, and it had the nice twist, even if Michael was in some sort of coma, we got to see and feel how he was experiencing his surroundings. Michael was badly beaten and ended up in the hospital with no family to care for or about him. Jonsey, a nurses aide and a real gentle giant takes it upon himself to care for Michael. Jonsey reminded me a little of one of my very favorite characters, Al from [b:Muscling Through|11045338|Muscling Through|J.L. Merrow||15966033] such a sweet man, with his heart exactly in the right place, and probably overlooked by many people. He washes Michael, he reads to him, he talks to him, he brings Michael's movies and music to him and takes care of all his needs and spending his free time with him. This was the part I really identified with and fell in love with Jonsey. I had a loved one in a non-responsive state for many months, and even though she couldn't talk or react and never woke up again, I know how important and necessary those things are, and seeing Michael's view of his world and how important that time with Jonsey's care was made the story for me. I'm not really sure I would even consider this a romance, but it certainly was a story about love.