Social Skills - Sara Alva I bought the published version and at $2.99 for about 95000 words it is definitely a great buy. But I am also a little torn on how I feel about this story. I think it's because I feel so protective and care so much about Connor, that I want the absolute best for him, and I'm just not sure if this is it...Connor is painfully shy and has quite a bit of social anxiety, and it felt painful to me just reading about it, I can't even imagine what he was going through.Now, his parents continue to harp on him to be more social etc...they lived with this boy for 18 years and they think what? Ok whatever, the mother is portrait as a harpy and overbearing and the dad is cold and distanced. At least the little sister is far better than we are lead to believe at the beginning.So poor Connor, who only really thrives and relaxes when he plays his violin ( and the parts where he thinks of his music, is playing his music, where I feel his love for it, was some of the most enjoyable for me .)He meets Rebecca who 'adopts' him as a friend whether he wants it or not and he gets a little group of fun, quirky people who like him just as he is, even if it takes him a long time to realize that.Rebecca was a favorite of mine in this book, I'm sure it's because she gives Connor the hugs and love I wanted him to have. He also meets Jared. I'm a bit of two minds on Jared, on the one hand he really helps Connor work on leaving his shell, both intentionally and unintentionally. He is pretty honest with Connor as to what he can expect from him and is pretty clear as to where Connor fits into his life. It's because this story is told from Connor's POV and he is such a sweet and hurting young man, that I get angry on his behalf on the way Jared 'fits' Connor into his life. I want more for Connor, he deserves it, but I also realize Jared is a young man too and maybe I shouldn't expect so much of him, just because Connor sees him as close to perfect and strong, does not mean he is. I was so glad when it all came to a head, and as much as Connor suffered, I do believe it was what he needed to take that final step into being himself and feeling more confident. Jared again, I would have felt better of he had 'owned' his situation a little more. He never 'came out' he never actually says it to anyone..he either gives 'pointed looks' or 'I'm with Connor' everything else was forced on him, I know he was working up to it, or what would have happened if Veronica hadn't done what she did? I also really missed seeing him really, really grovel ...again, I realize he's just as young as Connor, but boy, he suffered yes, but not because of Connor, and I really think he needed to grovel and apologize to Connor more and I for one, would have liked a 'big gesture' on his part. He's lucky Connor is such a sweetheart. The Veronica situation...I'm not even sure where to go with that. I want Ray to get a really good guy. ( Ben? LOL) And was it just me or because it's from Connor's POV, but with the exception of Jared's Mom all the adults were horrible, petty and mean. I thought some of the day-to -day stuff could have been cut out and the ending been maybe a bit more 'settled', I'm not sure if these two are really going to make it and I want them too.Connor didn't get to really be happy and feel good about himself until close to the very end and after suffering with him for so long I wanted a bit more of that. I felt a little let down at the end because of that I think, don't get me wrong, I liked the story a lot, but I just didn't feel that the pain and growth Connor ( and even Jared) went through gave them enough contentment and happiness by the end...maybe I am just asking too much.