The Best Ever (1Night Stand Series) - Deanna Wadsworth I've read a few of the 1NightStand stories and as a whole enjoyed them,soooo..when I saw a geeky, nerdy, virginal bullied red-head and the super sweet jock...guess what happened? Mandy ( aka Me) who has more books on her iPad than is probably legally allowed went and bought this one right away, and despite my dog giving me the evil eye, I finished it before taking her for a walk. Now, Jason is a sweet, smart, skinny and unfortunately a prime target for bullies at his school, but his highlight is tutoring the popular, good looking and really nice jock Blake.One afternoon changed Jason's whole outlook on life and really made an impression on him. mind out of the gutter people, he just gives him a hug, lends him an ear and takes him to a movie Fast forward, Jason is still ├╝ber geek, just far better dressed and with a shiny new degree and Blake is just shiny...Well, anyway it wasn't anything really new I've read variations of this theme before, but I liked it, it was sweet, and actually really steamy..and a great way to start my day, even if my dog disagrees with that at the moment.