Cataclysmic Shift - Tara Lain Oh dear, it's going to be hard to review this and not give away any of the delicious details..oh well, I'll start with something really easy, I love the cover, I actually think this whole series has great covers. I read the first book in this series [b:Spell Cat|13509870|Spell Cat (The Aloysius Tales, #1)|Tara Lain||19062858] but haven't gotten to [b:Brush with Catastrophe|16111641|Brush with Catastrophe (The Aloysius Tales, #2)|Tara Lain||21927269] ( the second in the series) yet, and although I'm sure I might have missed a little bit of backstory because of that, it was in no way a problem in reading and following this third one even without having read that one. As the blurb mentions powerful witch familiar Aloysius is now a human. An insanely attractive, a little naive and suffering from amnesia, good with animals and naked young man.Good thing he lands in Luke's veterinary clinic, Luke takes him in, clothes him ( a shame really that) gives him a job with the animals at the clinic and teaches him the 'gay'. Luke has a history he isn't proud of and has been trying to keep secret, but the past has a habit of catching up with you.All the while Alain ( as Al now calls himself) has flashes of memories that don't make sense and the compulsion to do certain things, that make even less sense.I loved watching Alain navigate his way as a human, he loves salmon and champagne, of course, but everything else is a learning by doing kind of thing. As usual he charms everyone and that includes me.He charms all of his witches into becoming pet owners and he himself is adopted by an adorable little kitten, Amelia. As I started this story I wondered what he would be like as a human, I loved Aloysius the cat, but thought he might be just a bit haughty as a human, but Alain isn't like that at all, although he is still as clever as always and still has some of his more feline traits and habits, even as a man. Meanwhile not only is Luke's past catching up with him, Killian, Blaine, Sammy, Ryder, Lavender and Jimmy have to be on the lookout as some power hungry witches are after the coven and Al. Fighting off this threat is a tad more challenging without the witch familiar to help them, but again that internal calling has the human Alain trying to help anyway. The love story between these two very different and unlikely lovers was hot and cute, Luke takes to teaching Alain the 'gay' very well and Alain is an excellent student in all things sexy. I have to say, I actually sniffled a little at one point, Luke doesn't take to everything well and of course Alain/Aloysius has difficult choices to make. This story really brings home the friendship and love between Aloysius and his witches, deciding to do what is best for Al and wanting his happiness over their own.This is a must read for all Aloysius fans who want to see him in a whole new light.