The Practical Guide to Trying Not to Die - Sam Schooler Another amazing contribution to the LHNB event. I am totally flabbergasted at the talent and generosity of the contributing authors.4.25*I'm not going to give a recap, since the blurb is excellent.Daniel, clumsy, self conscious and a little geeky and great at making all kinds of books, movie and popular cultural references at all times, even when he's being attacked and chased into another dimension.Gotta love that! I really liked Daniel's voice and thought he was cute and funny, he has an amazing BFF Malia who rocks all on her own.His 'guardian' Soren is hot ( although he also runs hot and cold) and has some secrets.There is tons of world building in this short and even though it was way too short for me ( I'm greedy people, get over it) I wanted more, I still totally got the gist of the world and the few questions I had just left me wanting more about Daniel and Soren and what the future hold for them. So, although there is a lot of slow burn in this one ( no real fire at the end though..I'm bummed about that) there was action, adventure, time/world travel, magic, good sorcerer and bad sorcerers, keys, horses, snow and more pop culture references than I've ever read in one place and totally captured me and had me racing through this one. And can I say (again) I really, really, really want to read how this story continues.