Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell Well, this is a powerful book about redemption, healing and forgiveness.Joshua has had an agonizing three years of undercover work, seeing and doing things no one should have to, he's come to his Uncle Tucker's ranch to heal, both physically and more importantly mentally.The ranch, the animals and especially the foreman Eli are good for Joshua, he starts his road to recovery.Things aren't easy for them, I was frustrated by both of them at times, but I understood. Joshua is complicated and has so much baggage and guilt weighing on him he can't think straight a lot of the times. Eli is so patient with everyone and all the animals but his patience somehow fails him at times with Joshua.I very much enjoyed following and accompanying them on their journey towards love...There wasn't the magical healing and all is well, the road is bumpy and rough, full of pitfalls. Joshua needs to forgive himself and love himself again first. but finally by the end they were together on the same road looking at the same place they want to reach- together.