Off Guard - Ali MacLagan 3.65*This is another great story to some awesomely hot pictures. Nick's life is in danger and his parents have hired a bodyguard. Well, Nick acts like a spoiled pain in the rear kid ( i have an aversion to the word brat so I'm not using that one) and I had to make myself continue on, but I'm glad I did.Nick's just putting on a front and as soon as he shows his real personality I liked him. It was a busy story, a bad guy, some brutality, some longing, some asshat cops, some action.I enjoyed it, I don't really mind if a story isn't a greatly realistic read, I just want to sit back and enjoy and I was able to do that that with this one. Would have really enjoyed it if it had been a little longer, but that's just me being greedy and wishing for some more scenes, seeing some of the wanting and longing and friendship building between the guys, but the author had to get a lot done in a short amount of time and I believe it is her first story, so kudos! :)