Ice Around the Edges - Mary Calmes 2.5What to say without saying too much? I probably can't do that...:)Hmmm...Evan is recuperating from a gunshot ( and I guess the chest wound wasn't so serious since the day of his release..he's ready for some other kind of..oh never mind.)Anyway, who walks in but his ex Dixon.Now I will say I liked their back and forth, I believed they were 'it' for each other and that they wanted and loved the other.. but Dixon is an asshat of epic proportions in my option.He left Evan after 4 years of living and loving because of what? Are you kidding me? Idiotic selfish, arrogant ass doesn't even begin to describe him.When Evan said he hadn't seen it coming, that he was shocked when Dixon actually walked out on him..And..just a side note, IF the secretary hadn't sent that request to Dixon and Dixon hadn't mentioned the shooting at home..would he have ever tried to get Evan back?I don't think so, I also don't think he came to Evan ready to apologize and to really make amends..I did like that Evan didn't (outwardly) cave completely, but again, Evan is to give up his existence ( oh, I haven't said I'm sorry, but I will say you need to sell your apartment ) for Dixon.So..some will think it's sweet and romantic and a second chance at the one who got away...Me? I sort of wished he had stayed away..I was left feeling that it wasn't Dixon's love for Evan that brought him back, because really he is so take charge and controlling, his way or else, but he walked away of a 4yr love after eavesdropping ...puuuleaze.