Merger of Equals - Liz Winters Another wonderful addition to the LHNB stories. 3.75*Jordy and Ken both have baggage and trauma in their past. Jordy especially had a very traumatic experience as a young teen and that has lasting effects on his life.Ken had to grow up fast and take on an enormous amount of responsibility at a young age, yet he doesn't resent it or complain.They are both good guys and I liked the slow and understanding progression of their relationship, I could easily see this as a longer story. They both had so much more to tell and share. And the title makes a lot of sense, I wasn't sure in the beginning, since at least financially and social standing there is a huge discrepancy between the two, but at the end, I really saw what Ms Winters meant. Of no importance, but I just wanted to add, while reading my mind kept going to this book, just for what Jordy dealt with. it reminded me a little bit of [b:Finding Zach|8079528|Finding Zach|Rowan Speedwell||12802050] and with what Jordy still is dealing with