Change of Focus - Lucy Whedon I feel really spoiled by all the wonderful authors contributing their stories to all the great picture prompts in this event. Just had to throw that out there. :)3.75*Nik is in Japan at a fantasy convention ( I think?) after just having called it quits with the man he thought he was going to marry.He soon finds himself with a stalker..but Ren is not a bad kind of stalker. I got the feeling Ren is smitten with Nik, and despite all the baggage Nik is carrying around at the moment he also finds Ren very attractive and interesting.I liked that they take it pretty slow, and that Nik does have time to deal with his relationship having ended, he can make peace with that before jumping into a new thing right away. I would have loved a peek at what fascinated Ren so about Nik, and maybe a small look into the future, but that's just me being greedy as usual.