The Chimera Affair - Keira Andrews Adventure, car chases, roof of train running scenes, boats, busses, double crossing, to trust or not to trust or whom to trust, mafia, terrorists, murdering, hit men, spies, gunfights, virgins and virgins at falling in love, and a dad from hell.I am sure I left out a few things, but you get the point. I liked it, yes some of it might have been unrealistic, but I read books where people shift into bunnies and possums, so you know artistic license works for me. Despite all the action and adventure and murder and mayhem it was actually a sweet story, the jaded Kyle falling for the young and seemingly helpless Sebastian. But Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.I'm off to read the free short and hope that my one complaint is cleared up in it. it's just a very small niggle. But Kyle thinks he'd like Sebastian to top him and imagines it, so does Sebastian, yet it never I'm hoping its covered in the short.