#First Impressions #Second Chances - Heidi Belleau 4.5*I loved this LHNB story. Yes, I did. I wasn't sure I would, the way it starts I sympathize with Jonah but I don't really like him all that much, but that changes throughout the story.I don't want to give too much away, because reading how this enfolds is all part of the fun, but Jonah is a young, vain, insecure, self-conscious, neurotic, social media addict with a very soft heart and very sweet core he tries to hide. He also could be a fashionista poster child. He also has some awesomely funny thoughts in this story. Great one-liners running around that boy's head. Sebastian, ah, what to say about Sebastian except he is a sweetheart, and I love him and I'm so glad ...ack..I have to control myself not to give anything away with my gushing..but for people like me I'm going to put a little some of it in a spoiler tag without spoilering too much. But they are so opposite that it fits, and I think they are going to compliment each other so well. Oh and before I forget, the author nailed the prompt picture, she got that scene in her story and I love how. I would be thrilled to read more of these two. I had an inkling about who Sebastian was..and I have to say in another story or differently done, I might have found it creepy or weird, but in this one I loved it, it really showed why Sebastian can say what he does and what a good guy he really is. And I also think it says a lot about Jonah that he, despite Sebastian not being the 'ideal' thinks he's just perfect and approachable and fell for him first because of his kindness and caring in 8th grade.